Digital invitation with rsvp, arrival with Waze ..

Do you need a digital invitation with RSVP?

Do you know how many are coming? Adults? Children? Everyone is coming, some of them? Are they vegetarians? Vegan? Etc. Your guests will be able to easily update it at the confirmation of arrival feature (RSVP). You will be able to view RSVP details at a dedicated web page, easily and in an orderly and efficient manner, for better planning of your event.

premium digital invitation - viainv

Your guests receive the digital invitation and want to greet you.

At the premium digital invitation, your guests will be able to write you a greeting on the invitation page.
You can share the event location that will automatically connect to Waze, for easy and convenient arrival of your guests. The invitation is easy to use and suitable for all types of devices: computer, tablet, and phone. Your guests will be able to use Waze to navigate easily, and safely to your event.

The invitation is suitable for a wide variety of events: digital invitation for wedding, digital invitation for bat mitzvah, digital invitation for birthday, and more.
We at are happy with their joy and happiness that you have chosen us.

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