Creating online invitation detailed steps

Sign up step

For sending the invitation link to your email account

Sign Up to website

Create an online invitation / digital invitation

Upload a picture
Set an event title
Write your content: Hello All, Friday at 9 pm on January there or be square…

Add your location,
(A paying customer will be getting a clickable Waze icon for his guests)
And you have a digital invitation!

Creating online invitation / digital invitation

Share and send your invitation

Click on “Share with your guests”.

sign to create online invitation

Copying your invitation address

Click on “Copy your invitation link”.
Now you just need to past it to the Your social desired as Whatapp or just to your new email to for sending.

copy your online invitation url


On the desired channel, just send it to your recipients.
An example of publishing on a dedicated group:

sending your onlinr invitation to your guests

To start creating online invitation click here