Creating a digital invitation / online invitation, FAQ

How to create a digital invitation / online invitation?

Sign up
Complete the invitation form/page
Copy the invitation link created
There you have it, your online invitation is ready!

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How long does it take to create an online invitation?

It is a matter of seconds, upload your desired picture and key-in your title & details, and use the link!

How should I send or publish my online invitation?

Once you have completed creating the invitation, you copy the invitation page link and paste it on your: WhatsApp, email, and any other desired social channel. Simple as that!

VIAINV Online invitation FAQ

To which event types should I use it?

The invitation is valid to any type of event or happening desired. A birthday party, Various Party gatherings, Bachelor party & A Wedding, A Bar Mitzvah, Graduation & Prom, Dance or, any friend gathering.

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Why use online invitation?

Keep your plant healthy, the offer is a “web page” invitation to any social channel, avoid paper!