Create a digital event page

Celebrating an event

Viainv invites you to share, celebrate your moments of happiness.
A place that will excite, surprise, and even manage to get nice words out of the distant aunt.
Digital invitation and digital event blogs are suitable for a variety of celebrations: bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, birthday, wedding, and more.

create a digital event page

Imagine your guests getting a link to your online event blog. The physical distance disappears, and now happiness is shared. They can greet you. Your online event blog is a precious souvenir.

an online event page

Create an online event

So how do I create an online event?
1. Enter the title of the event
2. Tell about the event, upload photos of the event and share with friends and family easily

Share your happiness. Congratulations!
An online event page sample
So what are you waiting for? create an event page