Digital invitation for birthday

Celebrating a birthday?

You have chosen the theme of the birthday party, already know what the birthday cake will be. You made a guest list. You're probably thinking of sending a text message on WhatsApp to invite everyone. We offer you an easy and quick solution. Eco-friendly. Digital invitation is a web page that fits perfectly on all devices.

viainv digital invitation

It's easy to create: upload a photo, insert the title of the event: Davicelebrates his seventh birthday.

The content of the event: Next Saturday, 2/10, in the late morning, we will celebrate a birthday at our house. We are planning a movie and a light lunch - pizza.

And easy to share, get the invitation address, and share as easily as a regular web page, which can easily send via WhatsApp, Instagram, email, or other social apps. Your guests will be able to greet you, update you that they are coming (Premium).
To create a digital invitation with arrival confirmation click here.
To create a digital invitation for your event click here.

Had a fun birthday and now you would like to share and create a memory of the event? You can easily create a digital event page here and share it with your guests, your family, your friends. Here, too, it will be possible to greet you easily. A digital event page can be easily sent via email, WhatsApp or other social apps.

And most importantly, congratulations!