Kids birthday party ideas

There is an upcoming birthday? You have to think about the birthday theme.
Make a task list. Organize the whole birthday party. How to make the kids happy and how to amuse them.
We have prepared several ideas for activities for a birthday party suitable for boys and girls.

Kids birthday party  ideas

Moving package- write notes with tasks and questions. Take a box, put inside sweets, and chocolate, etc. Wrap it as a package, at every layer; put one of the notes you wrote inside. The package moves from one child to another. Each child removes one layer and reads the note and acts on it.

True or False - You can make a set of questions, or let the children spin a bottle (plastic for safety) and ask each other things. For example: Is it true that a dolphin breathes out of the water?

Design - Buy a plain T-Shirt for every child and Fabric colors and decorations. You can also buy a canvas bag and let the kids decorate it; paint it with colors, glue buttons, etc. In the end, the kids return home with cool birthday souvenirs.

For girls - spa party, applying nail polish and stickers for nails, makeup corner - they can put makeup on each other and/or bring a girl to help put makeup on the girls.

For Boys- ball games, according to what the group likes. Going out to the park or yard, bringing a ball, and making tournaments

Pinata - it's always fun. You can make one or buy ready-made. Put inside lots of sweets and start beating it until everything spills and the sweets fall - so much fun!

A birthday theme - everyone comes dressed up with that theme idea, and all the birthdays are around that theme.

Search for the treasure - go out and discover the next episode of your neighborhood, hide hints and landmarks on the road ahead of time. In the end, you can make a snack break.

Kids birthday ideas

And do not forget to enjoy, and put the birthday boy/girl in the center, and that next year there is another birthday.
Now after all the thinking about organizing the birthday, you need to invite your guests, so, click here to start creating a digital invitation.
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