Why are Digital invitations are better than printed invitations?  

Every day, many people and kids celebrate a birthday and other happy moments in their lives.


  1. Most of us have a computer, tablet, and smartphone. We use our devices regularly, so sending and getting Digital invitations is convenient.
  2. We care about our planet. Humankind creates lots of trash. Let's keep our planet clean.
  3. Saving the rainforest has a global impact. Let's make sure we are not helping to cut down trees.
  4. The 20th century passed. A printed invitation is so old outdated.

Happy moments in our lives

  5. Track who got the invitation was never so more accessible.
  6. Getting RSVP responses from your guests. Just click on a link.
  7. It is so easy to share a digital invitation with your guests.
  8. Digital invitations are versatile. You can use it for a birthday party, baby shower, friends gathering, etc.
  9.. It takes seconds to create a digital invitation.
  10. We have for sure our friends' and colleagues' details over social networks and phones or email. We can create a sending list in no time. Do we have their home address for mail? Not sure.
  Times are changing, and it is becoming trendy and more accepted to use the digital invitation.
  Do you still have doubts?
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