Terms of Use

The terms of the VIAINV Site Terms (hereinafter also referred to as "Legal Terms") below, drafted in the male language for convenience only, but intended for both women and men. Please read these terms carefully and carefully, as the beginning of use indicates consent and approval of the legal terms. In order to avoid unpleasantness, it is advisable to read the legal terms carefully.

"Usage" - any use, including logging in ("Site" - see definition below), viewing a page or catalog, related site, and browsing, performing any action, such as ordering, inquiring, communicating by any means, or transmitting a message, Individual or given, and any other action via or related to the Site, as well as logging in through a personal interface, website, program or software, or any activity related to content sent to a Smart Mobile Phone (which is also referred to herein as "User"). "Website" - the website www.VIAINV.com, a catalog, any related site, as well as a link, landing page, site used as a personal interface, program, software or content sent to a cellphone. "Digital Order" - Order via file, text, link, landing page or through a dedicated website designed for a variety of private and business events, and sent via any digital means, such as through the cellular network, email or social network. "Complementary Products" - Additional services, designs, extensions and extensions provided by VIAINV. "Payment" - a final and complete transfer of all proceeds required to receive the service to VIAINV's account. "Client" - a legal entity that requested digital ordering service, and for this purpose entered into an agreement with VIAINV, and made the full payment for the commissioned service. "Invited" - Factors that a customer has requested to send digital mail to.

General conditions:
VIAINV serves as a platform for the distribution of messages and is not responsible for the materials or content provided for distribution or delivery by the user, the information contained therein, the nature, quality, truthfulness or correctness, and shall not be responsible for their dissemination, including the content and designs, texts and order formulas, details Invites, as well as photos, videos and music clips - which will be the full responsibility of the user. The customer must take note of all the formulas, names, dates, designs, sounds and all other details provided by him for distribution in the order or the complementary products in advance and before distribution. The User, and he alone, shall be solely responsible for any information, text, image, design, advertising, sound, graphic, or message transmitted by him to VIAINV and / or published through it, or any of its sites. The User declares and warrants that all Content will not infringe and / or infringe any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, other proprietary or intellectual property right or any right that is filed for registration by a third party, in the country or worldwide. The user undertakes not to misuse VIAINV's website, nor to publish unlawful, abusive or harassing content through it, and that it will not infringe any human or body's rights in any legal or illegal way. The user also undertakes not to upload any materials or content that may cause damage to the site: material that infringes or may infringe or infringe or may infringe on the proprietary rights of others, including copyrights or trademarks. Illegal material, or material that encourages, supports, assists, provides instructions for committing or guiding the commission of an act that is a criminal offense under the laws of the State of Israel. Material that is defamatory on a person, or that infringes on his privacy or good name. Material of a character or content that is hostile, threatening, obscene, racist, harms public sentiment, which may form the basis of a civil lawsuit or otherwise violate Israeli or non-Israeli law. Infiltration of material and / or computer files illegally and / or transmission of computer virus to other computers and / or use or interference with other computers - in contravention of the Computer Act, 1995. Materials or mailings that violate the Communications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasting) (Amendment 40), 2008 (hereinafter - the "Spam Law"). Material relating to minors and identifying them, their personal details or address and means of communication with them. Pornographic or sexually explicit material that may harm the public's feelings. Material published or transmitted is prohibited by any law.

VIAINV will not be responsible for the content transmitted by the customer, and the customer will be solely responsible for any unintentional or offensive content sent by it, both directly and implicitly. Customer undertakes not to transmit any abusive content through VIAINV, and that, if invited by VIAINV, it is harmed - Customer or User, as the case may be, is solely responsible for its remedy and compensation. Liability has been imposed on VIAINV in this context, Customer, or User, shall indemnify and distribute VIAINV to its fullest liability. VIAINV reserves the right to refrain from advertising for a limited time or permanently and to its sole discretion to remove any Content, and to block, terminate or disrupt the Service to the extent that it may distort, erroneously, illegally, injure or harass any person - and needlessly In advance notice. If VIAINV deems it appropriate to delete content or page due to such inappropriate use, the user will not be able to come to VIAINV for any claims.

In any use of VIAINV's services for commercial or marketing purposes, VIAINV does not publish under the spam law and provides the Platform for messaging only, and in no way is responsible for the content transmitted by the customer, or the legality of the delivery or advertising. Use of the platform provided by VIAINV shall be the sole responsibility of the Service Provider, which shall be fully responsible for any order, and any marketing or promotional content. All copyright and intellectual property of all appearing on the Site, and any product of the use of the Website, including any creation, design, sound, information, text, image, advertising, graphics, software, message or service, is owned by VIAINV, or by specific parties VIAINV contacted them. Therefore: None of the materials should be used. You may not copy, transfer, save, reproduce, transmit, display after, sell, modify, add, subtract or publish or make private or commercial use of it without the prior written permission of VIAINV. Use of these materials without prior written permission constitutes a violation of VIAINV's intellectual property and infringement of its copyright. Under the Service Agreement, the Customer will be granted a one-time authorization to use the Invitation, as provided to him by VIAINV, for dispatch to invitees for the event. However, it is clarified that this offer does not give the client additional intellectual property rights in designs, of any kind or commercial use.

All of the copyrights of any creation, design, sound, information, text, image, publication, graphic, software, message or service, are as stated by VIAINV or by specific entities that VIAINV has contacted. If you notice that your copyrighted work is displayed on the site, we ask that you contact VIAINV as soon as possible for clarification and proof of right, and we will work to remove it immediately. The Site Rules exhaust the legal relationship between the parties and there will be no offerings for any negotiations, agreement, understanding, undertaking or representation which were, if any, as far as the contractual relations between the parties are concerned, except if the parties have explicitly agreed in advance, in written agreement. In any case where the terms of the written agreement will not be discussed in any matter or will not be clear from the contract - it is the rules that will determine the legal situation between the parties.

Order Process:
The customer who commits to passing the event details clearly and after moving in has carefully checked and verified them. VIAINV is not responsible for any information, files or data provided to it by the Client, including the event address, time of commencement or date, venue or event name, as well as email addresses, telephone numbers and contact information provided by the client or his client, Or typos, including incorrect information about the event details or in the event of non-arrival of the invitee or delivery of the invitation to parties we did not intend to send an invitation to. VIAINV will not be held liable in the event of a design error falling in particular from the details set forth in this section, or information, text or text errors. These information passed on to the customer before distribution - shall be deemed to have been tested, verified and approved by him, and after this approval he shall have no claim and / or complaint and / or claim against VIAINV for sending and / or distributing it. VIAINV will not be liable for errors in orders or messages sent on its behalf due to human error. VIAINV has the right to add to its invitation and / or any message on its behalf its logo, its trademark, a link to its website and an invitation to leave details for marketing purposes. In accordance with the service agreement with the customer, VIAINV will provide the customer service with a system of arrival certificates, and send a greeting to the customer event, as such a system order was ordered by the customer (fee). The output of the CIS system that is being used by customers is partial, and should not be relied upon alone, for reasons not dependent on VIAINV (such as the particular nature of the invitee and their relation to the client, the compatibility of the customer's mobile devices, the nature of the customer's use of the system, etc.). Invitees will fill out the form sent to them. Therefore, it will be made clear that the final responsibility for obtaining the arrival certificates and completing the missing for the arrival certificates is the responsibility of the customer. The invitation will be stored on VIAINV servers and will remain on the servers for about six months after the event date. After about six months, the order will be deleted immediately. If the customer wants to keep the order for a longer period, this can be requested specifically and reached in writing with VIAINV at an additional charge. In any case, even during the first six months, VIAINV will have no liability for loss of order as a result of supreme power, local, national or worldwide crash of the Internet, or unexpected malfunction of the company's servers that store the information. In any of the above cases, the Customer will have no claim and / or demand and / or claim against VIAINV. VIAINV will not be held responsible for the users or customers with respect to service availability, content, form, reliability and accuracy of data provided on orders, including by parties Third. Likewise, VIAINV will not be responsible for the volume of response provided by the invited guest of the user. The service provided - does not include on-site support services. The user must take care to fully back up the data he has transferred to VIAINV. In case of data loss - the user will not be allowed to make claims to the site operators, nor will they be able to demand compensation and / or compensation for loss of data transmitted by him.