Digital Invitation. / Online Invitation.

No Printing. No Paper. Just a web page.

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Creating an online invitation takes just seconds. It’s so simple!

Get a unique URL to your online invitation that you can copy and send to your guests by social media, email, or Whatsapp.
Your guests will be able to congratulate you and let you know whether they’re coming immediately.
Say goodbye to paper, printing, and postage.

Digital invitation for wedding

Digital invitation for wedding with rsvp


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Congrutulation! create a digital invitation With rsvp. Your guets can navigate easily with WAZE.
Share it easily with your guets.

Digital invitation/ Online invitation

Digital Invitation with rsvp


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Your guests can: Congratulate you, Let you know whether they’re coming.
Arrive easily with Waze and add the event to Google calendar

Digital invitation

Online invitation for your event


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Create a digital invitation that is all online.
Get a unique URL and share the invitation with your guests.